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Hi there! Let's do a meet and greet!

If you're new here and don't already know me, I'm


I've been a nurse for about 15 years and a Nurse

Practitioner for almost 10 of those. Prior to Obsidian,

my career was in predominantly trauma

surgery and orthopedic trauma. I have always had

a love and passion for skincare and aesthetics

and it's been a wish and dream to be an injector

for many years!

I am a wife and a mama to a 5 year-old little boy

and twin 3 year-old girls. Though not originally

from Frankenmuth, the 5 of us live right here in

town with my best friend Willow, our dog. My

hobbies include anything outdoors, especially

camping. I am obsessed with coffee and all things

chocolate. I love whiskey and red wine and

cannot live without a great pair of sweatpants. I

have a deep passion for humanitarian efforts and

if I was a millionaire, I'd spend all my extra money

on women and children of underserved areas.

enjoy great conversation but also relish the sound

of silence. And I like to laugh.

I am thrilled to be here and have absolutely

LOVED seeing old faces but LOVE meeting all the

new faces that have come through Obsidian's

doors too!

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